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“Hi! My Name is Anthony Dowe and I am a Personal Trainer here in our family-run gym in the heart of Archway (just opposite the tube station). My uncle and owner Ian Dowe is a former bodybuilding IFBB world champion. Titles he has won include Mr Britain, Mr Europe and The World Games. The Dowe Dynamics Gym is open to male and female clients aged 16 and over.

We recognise that every client is different and consequently programmes are specifically designed for each individual to suit their goals and expectations. I offer a range of programmes, depending on whether you want to tone and condition your body and improve your fitness levels progressing all the way to bodybuilding for competition level. All can be achieved with clients’ commitment and regular sessions.

Anthony has a real passion for what he does and follows in the family tradition by helping others achieve their desired aims; so much so that he is always willing to give special rates to clients who are fully committed to his programmes to reach their end goal.

At Dowe Dynamics all aspects are covered to meet the clients’ needs and aspirations.

There are programmes and advice on offer that will speed up:

At Dowe Dynamics all aspects are covered to meet the clients’ needs and aspirations.

There are programmes and advice on offer that will speed up:


General fitness

(sometimes through remedial measures)


Through ‘pumping iron’

Stamina and endurance

Cardiovascular/circuit training

Weight loss



Achieving and maintaining

a healthy lifestyle

Nevertheless, Anthony appreciates that this is essentially a client-led service. Some will want to acquire big biceps and an impressive ‘six pack’, while others simply want to tone up and improve their fitness levels.

Anthony caters for clients in every category and at all levels. What doesn’t alter is that every newcomer will be made welcome and each can be confident of receiving his undivided attention when it matters most. He is a great listener, patient and understanding, but at same time knows how far to push to get the best results for you.

You’ll find a great atmosphere at Dowe Dynamics. They are a friendly bunch only too willing to encourage each other to give off their best. And of course Anthony himself is always there to motivate and inspire everyone. Before long, you’ll begin to see and feel positive improvements in yourself and really enjoy the experience of getting fitter.

Why not get in touch to arrange a FREE taster session complete with a personal consultation to discuss your needs and diet tips for a quicker recovery? Anthony is willing to offer special rates for those with commitment! Rates at the gym are very reasonable and will depend on the type of programme you take up and how often you attend. Currently, there is an exclusive offer of 10 personal training sessions. Contact Anthony for more details.

Availability is excellent: the gym is open throughout the week from as early as 6.30am right through to 10.00pm (10.00am until 4.00pm at weekends). Training at home, in the parks or the gym of your choice can be arranged on request by appointment.

Interested? Then get in touch with Anthony Dowe today – you’ll be glad you did!

Session prices at competitive rates!

Single Sessions

£55 per 1 hour session £45 per 40 min session £35 per 30 min session

block of 5 sessions

5 x 1 Hour - £265 (£53 per session)
5 x 40 Min- £215 (£43 per session)
5 x 30 Min- £165 (£33 per session)

Block of 10 Sessions

10 x 1 Hour - £500 (£50 per session)
10 x 40 Min- £400 (£40 per session)
10 x 30 Min- £300 (£30 per session)

Block of 15 Sessions

15 x 1 Hour - £675 (£45 per session)
15 x 40 Min- £525 (£35 per session)
15 x 30 Min- £375 (£25 per session)

FREE Consultation by Anthony:

TEL: 07810 726619

1-2 Central Hall Building, Archway Close, Archway
London, N19 3UB


Get in touch - or call: 07810 726619

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