Anthony has been my Trainer since June 2013. From the first session with Anthony I felt at ease straight away really listening to my wants and fears (Big muscles’). And is the way to encourage and motivate you from right exercise, right through to my diet and eating habits.

I can see results I feel and look more toned than I ever have. I am much stronger, I can walk and talk now at the same time whilst Training without getting out of breath.

You can tell Anthony loves and has real passion for what he does. He shows care and concern and real interest in your needs, giving you that extra push you need and is behind you every step of the way.

Thank you Anthony for giving me the support, help and encouragement I needed to get to where I am now and to where I wanna be thank you


Psychology Student

I am a regular exerciser and gym-goer who had lost touch in the first few months of 2015. I wanted to make fitness a priority again, and so signed up to Anthony’s 10-session offer for Personal Training. My priority was toning up and getting my heart rate up, rather than building big muscles.

What Anthony does is get you working out on some of the many fitness machines in the Gym, each targeting a particular area of your body (arms,shoulders,back,legs etc). Some of these machines were familiar to me and some of them were not. What I found most useful was when we began moving from one machine to the next quickly, in a circuit and using a 30 or 45 second timer. The morning sessions with Anthony were very focussed.

Thank you Anthony!


From my first phone call and visit to Dowe Dynamics Anthony was friendly and reassuring. As my personal trainer he listened to what I wanted to achieve, and with his expertise and encouragement gave me the confidence to work towards my goals. He drew up a personal training plan which has allowed me to continue on my own after only a few weeks. The only problem is, I miss working with Anthony as every session was fun!
Karen Eker


I started training with Anthony as part of his introductory offer. I’m not a natural gym goer but was keen to build strength and look more toned. By the end of the ten sessions Anthony helped me do just that! Not only am I really pleased with the results but I also really enjoyed the sessions. Anthony’s really knowledgeable on fitness, training and nutrition and he has a great way of keeping you motivated and pushing you to improve. I definitely recommend him!

I’ve been training with Anthony since November 2018. he gave me a free taster which impressed me enough to sign up with him.
Anthony is very knowledgeable about fitness and diet, and has tailored a plan for me.
Unbelievably I actually really enjoy the sessions and look forward to them, due in no part to his easy going manner and good sense of humour. The sessions are tough, as you would expect 🙂 and i’m looking and feeling a lot fitter than i’ve probably ever been.
He’s also instructed me on what I can do at home with resistance bands as well as stretching to improve my flexibility.
I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.

Tajinder Sagoo

software engineer

I first approached Anthony at Dowe Dynamics in December 2015, expressing an interest in the gym. Having not exercised with any regularity or seriousness for several years, I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but Anthony offered me a free taster session and things took off from there. I’ve since been training with Anthony 3 times a week before work, and am feeling fitter and stronger than ever. More astonishingly, I’m actually enjoying it – this has not happened before, so it’s quite an achievement! Anthony is guiding me to a better physique and improved health, and his expertise coupled with good humour motivates me to put the work in. The results are starting to show, and I’m feeling really positive about this being something that I can sustain. 12 weeks in and I’m seeing better muscle definition and have almost lost a stone. I could not have done this without Anthony’s support & advice.
Jacki Freeman

Graphic Designer

I started to train at Dowe Dynamics Gym in June 2013; I did not know what I was doing until I was introduced to one of the personal trainers Anthony Dowe.

Anthony has been so motivational, and understanding of my needs. He really listens to the changes I want to achieve and has definitely helped me to achieve my goals and keeps me motivated to include fitness and good nutrition as part of my lifestyle

Aria Dixon

Being very conscious about my weight and the way I look had been the main reason for me not going to the gym or working out. In turn causing a vicious cycle. In the end I bit the bullet and signed up to a gym.

Working with Anthony, my confidence has massively improved. With an understanding that my weight loss and increased fitness will not happen over night, I did see a change in my body in weeks. I also noticed an increase in energy levels and my general mood was better.

With my tendency to give up easily with exercise, Anthony is brilliant at pushing you when you train. Also if you do fall of the wagon, Anthony’s mentality of helping you brush it off and keep going is amazing. No feeling of guilt, you just keep going.

Working as a nurse in a busy cardiac ward means I have unusual shift patterns. Anthony has been able to create a flexible training regime that combats this issue. Anthony has also helped me create menus to make sure I’m eating the right things at the right times. Showing me that it’s not about cutting everything out completely. I would give this service 10/10!

Johanna Tyler


For over 3 years I have had one of the best personal trainers. Anthony is very patient first of all and is gentle but assertive in his approach. His expertise is paramount in the workings of your body muscle. He knows exactly how to work each part of your body, even when you are just not sure. He does the thinking for you. He is a true testament to how you would expect a personal trainer should be. He encourages you and gets you motivated a true professional in all his approaches.

Religious Studies Teacher

Antony has been training me for over a year now. I had never been to the gym before and Antony showed me how to make the most out of every workout . He trains me with the perfect balance of understanding my limitations but also pushing and motivating me to achieve best results. I have got a lot stronger and more defined whilst training with Antony. I believe that his depth of knowledge as well as his approachable personality makes him the ideal personal trainer

Science Teacher

I started training with Anthony to become more fit and especially shed the excess weight that I had gained in a year after getting married (we all know these late dinners and choosing sofa over walks in the parks!)

Having tried diets that made me aggravated because I would restrict myself for weeks and then binge on food and gain even more weight, and failing to do any activity on my own because I would get tired and instantly lose motivation, I decided to work out with a professional. I did my 10 – session initial training with Anthony and must admit it was very enjoyable all the way and the result after 6 weeks surpassed my expectations. I lost half a stone in such a short time, one inch in waistline and 2 inches in the hip line, but also got considerably more fit and toned. My friends told me that I am in the best shape they have ever seen me. I continue training with Anthony in full confidence that he will help me to achieve the fitness levels I always aspired for.

Irina Savchenko

Business Developer

I have been having personal training now with Anthony for almost 4 months.

Anthony is down to earth and friendly. He’s very approachable and easy to talk to. Always remaining professional and focused while you’re training with him. Any questions or concerns that I have had regarding fitness and diet he has taken the time to answer and provide reassurance. Anthony will push you to train more intensely than you would ever do on your own. When you’ve had enough you hear a voice say “Come on, just two more!”. He’s always there to show you something again or answer yet another question that I have. I feel more toned, my fitness levels have improved, I have more stamina and feel stronger mentally as well as physically. Anthony has shown me the importance of form while training and is always there to correct me when needed. For that hour he gives me his full attention and assistance to push myself and keep me focused.

Emma Torbett

I have been pretty fit and sporty my whole life, but I began training with Anthony in January and he has taken my training routine, and my body composition, to a whole new level. Being taught the correct form and what exercises work best for your body is imperative, but having a supportive, friendly and reliable trainer like Anthony has made my fitness journey so much more successful.

Manager ewNetwork

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